Parquet tiles chevron, herringbone and Versailles.

Parquet floor tiles originated in Europe during the Baroque period, these parquet consist of shorter lengths of hardwoods formed into square or rectangle shapes that create a beautiful room design. Top craftsmen used the marquetry technique to inlay multiple species of hardwoods to achieve a richer floor design.

Price for parquet floor tiles  varies because of wood species and grade of wood used with in the design. We have common grade, style grade and select grade to create different looks for you hardwood floors.

Hardwood floor wood parquet

Renaissance Floor Inlays will assist you in all areas of your hardwood floor project from design to delivery. We will help you pull all the pieces together to create a marquetry design that meets your individual budget and style.

How much does parquet floor tiles cost?

Price for parquet flooring is different, because of wood species and grade of wood, we have common grade, style grade and select grade.

We can pre-glue the parquet tiles with plywood to desired thickness for stability in radiant heating.

Parquet wood floor tiles are easy to installed over plywood subfloor. For installation over concrete subfloor we recommend laminate parquet flooring tiles with plywood.  For a price with plywood backing please contact us.

parquet floor tiles

If you combine parquet border and medallion You will have beautiful affect, please see in our Gallery page.




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